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Cheap car hire insurance Wales

The road network in Wales, like in many other parts of the UK, is made up of motorways and country lanes. The same laws apply throughout the UK and a full driving licence is required to hire a car in Wales. There are car depots in all of the main cities, making it easy to rent a car and return it upon your departure.

Driving in Wales is exactly the same as driving in many parts of the UK. The motorway network is the same and the country lanes are windy and often difficult to manoeuvre like all country roads found in rural areas. Cars can easily be brought over the border so if you hire a car to tour round the UK, it can also be used for exploring Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland.

The same driving laws apply in Wales as they do elsewhere in the UK. The wearing of seatbelts in both the front and back is mandatory and drink driving is forbidden. The roads are generally very safe although you can never be too sure that you won’t get into an accident. It is therefore important to have adequate insurance including car hire excess insurance in Wales.

Driving in Wales is no different to driving anywhere else in the UK. Be careful of the roads in the valleys as these can become particularly hazardous in the wet, but other than that, all normal rules of the road apply.

You can use your current driving licence for driving in Wales, which you must carry at all times along with your insurance documentation including any car hire excess insurance in Wales that you might have.

If you are planning to drive around Wales, it is very important that you organise adequate insurance and also consider taking out car hire excess insurance in Wales. Despite being fully insured, many people are still left with excess charges which can total as much as £3,000 should you be involved in an accident. You do not want to risk this, which is why excess cover is such a good idea.