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Cheap car hire insurance Sweden

Sweden is a lovely country to explore with a rental car. Hiring a car gives you so much freedom. Car rental agencies are available throughout Sweden in all major towns and cities. For those wishing to hire a car, consider taking out car hire excess insurance in Sweden.

Driving in Sweden is on the right. Headlights are obligatory at all times, but rental cars automatically have the lights set to on. The road network is excellent, well signposted and road signs are in English.

The wearing of safety belts is mandatory in Sweden. Be careful on minor roads as moose and deer sometimes wander out onto the roads especially around dusk and dawn. In the far north of Sweden, also watch out for reindeer. For this reason, car hire excess insurance in Sweden is recommended.

Driving in Sweden is a pleasure. The rules of the road are generally adhered too. Check weather and road conditions in the winter before you set out on your journey, particularly if travelling around the far north of the country.

When driving around Sweden, you need a full driving license. The minimum age for car rental is 20 years and you must have had at least two years driving experience. Please keep a copy of your car insurance details and car rental agreement to hand.

For those planning to drive around Sweden, it is worth taking out car hire excess insurance in Sweden because cars can easily be damaged by wild animals that stray onto roads unexpectedly. Without it you may find yourself paying out up to ₤3,000 in damages.