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Cheap car hire insurance Scotland

Scotland is a wonderful part of the world to travel by car. The scenery is spectacular with its many mountains and lochs. Car hire is available throughout Scotland in all major cities and towns. If you choose to hire a car, car hire excess insurance in Scotland is recommended.

The rules of the road in Scotland are the same as the rest of the UK and driving is on the left. In many parts of the Highlands, roads are just a single track so travelling between destinations can take a while, so allow for extra time.

Safety belts must be worn when driving in Scotland. Traffic is not normally a problem in Scotland except during rush hours around Edinburgh and Glasgow. Watch out for farm animals straying onto the road in rural areas.

Four-wheel drive vehicles are great for exploring the Scottish Highlands. Note that there are plenty of 24 hour petrol stations in main towns but fewer in the rural areas and they are not normally open around the clock. During the winter season, check road and weather conditions before embarking on a journey. Always consider taking out car hire excess insurance in Scotland.

A full driving license is required for driving in Scotland. Keep all important documents such as license, car rental agreement and insurance document with you at all times.

If you do decide to hire a car to explore Scotland, then think about taking out car hire excess insurance in Scotland because cars can easily be damaged by stray animals who unexpectedly wander into roads particularly in the Highlands. If you have no excess insurance cover, you could find yourself paying up to ₤3,000 in damages.