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Hiring a car is a great way to explore a country and Morocco is no exception. However, traffic and road regulations are frequently ignored in Morocco by local drivers, so it really is a good idea to obtain car hire excess insurance in Morocco.

In Morocco, you drive on the right hand side of the road. In large cities, there are virtually no road signs so you really need a good map to find your way round the cities and to the main highways. Once on the main highways which operate a toll system similar to France, driving conditions become much easier.

For safety reasons, do try to avoid driving at night. Roads are often poorly lit. Many cyclists and motorcyclists drive without lights at night time and oncoming traffic often have extremely bright headlights which can cause temporary blindness and could lead to accidents. If you are planning to be driving at night time, then car hire excess insurance in Morocco is highly recommended.

Extra care should be used when travelling in rural areas such as through the Atlas and Rif mountains. Roads here are often poorly paved, very steep and narrow. Flash flooding often happens during the rainy season which runs from November to March and sometimes roads and bridges can be washed away.

A full UK driving license is required for driving in Morocco. You also need to have with you a copy of your passport, insurance details and car rental agreement at all times.

Driving is fun and a great way to experience the true Morocco. But it can be dangerous, so it is in your interest to take extra care when driving and take out car hire excess insurance in Morocco, which could save you from paying up to £3,000 in damages should you be involved in an accident.