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Cheap car hire insurance Malaysia

There is so much to see in Malaysia, from beaches and hill stations to rainforests and city sights, that a great way to discover the country for yourself is by hiring a car. Car hire companies are conveniently located throughout the country and as with all car rentals, car hire excess insurance in Malaysia is highly recommended.

In Malaysia, as in the UK, driving is on the left hand side of the road. Traffic can get very busy during the rush hours in the cities and roads are liable to flooding during the monsoon rains. Multi-lane highways frequently turn into narrow two lane roads which can lead to traffic congestion.

Seat belts must be worn, and it is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving. Penalties for drunk driving are strictly enforced. In traffic, motorcyclists often weave in and out of traffic, change lane and jump red lights. This can be hazardous for drivers not used to Malaysian driving habits, so car hire excess insurance is a good idea.

Headlights should be used between 19:00 and 07:00. When driving in the countryside at night, watch out for water buffalo that occasionally like to sleep in the middle of the road. They are just one of a number of natural hazards to watch out for. Also be aware of cows wandering the roads as well as stray cats and dogs and a number of pot holes. These are other reasons why car hire excess insurance in Malaysia is recommended.

A full driving license is required to hire a car in Malaysia. An international driving license is preferred but a UK license is recognised in Malaysia. Car hire is a great way to explore this wonderful country, but for peace of mind you should consider paying extra for car hire excess insurance in Malaysia.