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Cheap car hire insurance Jamaica

It’s a long flight to Jamaica from the UK and anyone visiting is probably looking forward to lazing on one of the gorgeous sandy beaches and sipping ice cold drinks at the bar. Jamaica has so much more to offer and by renting a car and sight-seeing for yourself you will be surprised at what you uncover.

The good thing about driving in Jamaica is that, like in the UK, they drive on the left. Driving habits are varied and inconsistent meaning you are just as likely to meet an over-polite inexperienced local as you are an aggressive speeding one with little regard for other road users. Poorly marked roads, pedestrians, livestock and cyclists make opting for car hire excess insurance in Jamaica a sensible choice.

Taking drugs or driving while over the legal limit is against the law and the driver and front seat passenger must wear a seat belt. While talking on mobile phones while driving seems to be the norm it is likely to distract you and you need to be alert when driving here.

Road surfaces here are not very good and you will meet many pot holes. There are few pavements so pedestrians can be a hazard in the busier places, particularly at night. Some areas should be avoided by tourists and advice is available on the British government website. As there is a risk of accidental damage seriously consider car hire excess insurance in Jamaica.

A UK issued drivers license can be used in Jamaica as can an international driving permit. Age restrictions generally apply to rental vehicles and you should choose a reputable company as some local agents are not too good at maintaining their vehicles.

It might sound like driving in Jamaica isn’t worth the effort but you would be wrong. There are many places here that you just will not be able to see by taking trips organised by the tour representatives. Accidents may happen and without car hire excess insurance in Jamaica you could end up with a bill of up to £3000 if you happen to be unfortunate.