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Cheap car hire insurance Israel

While it might not be to everyone’s taste, Israel is becoming a more frequently visited tourist destination. Blessed with marvellous mountainous areas, glorious rural locations and a superb coastline, the country is ideal for touring by car and there are rental companies in all of the airports and major towns and cities.

Driving styles, customs and habits here are varied and not what you will be used too in the UK making car hire excess insurance in Israel a wise precaution. Roads in urban areas tend to be very congested and aggressive driving coupled to a failure to indicate means drivers should use caution.

Drink driving is not allowed but mobile phone and seat belt laws apply here the same as in the UK. When driving between towns and cities you must use your headlights both at night and during the day. It is also a legal requirement to wear a fluorescent jacket if you need to change a tyre or make a repair. If stopped by the police they will check that these are being carried.

When driving in Israel you need to remain alert. Local drivers seem to think that you can guess what they will do next and you often can’t. Accidents happen fairly often and you might be glad you had the foresight to take out car hire excess insurance in Israel.

You will generally be allowed to hire a car on production of your passport and a valid international or UK drivers license. It is advisable to keep your insurance details and your identification with you at all times.

Don’t be put off by driving in Israel as there really is such a lot to see and do here that you will need to access by car. Take reasonable precautions like reading the British government advice about places to avoid, take out car hire excess insurance in Israel and enjoy discovering just what a beautiful country this is.