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Cheap car hire insurance Isle of Wight

The two major attractions of the Isle of Wight are the popular yachting scene and the glorious beaches. If you are visiting the island for the latter you will find some of the best beaches are away from the resort areas and served by infrequent public transport which makes car hire the best way to get around.

The great advantage for visitors from the mainland is that it is exactly the same driving here as back home as the same highway code applies. However, getting around the island proves difficult for some drivers as some tourists can be a bit slow and inconsistent as they try to negotiate the narrow lanes. A wise precaution might be to take out car hire excess insurance when driving in the Isle of Wight.

The same rules of the road apply here as on the mainland with speed and parking restrictions no different. The same applies to drinking and driving, wearing seat belts and using mobile phones.

Traffic can get very busy for short periods of time near the ferry and hovercraft ports. If you check the schedules you can usually manage to avoid the peak times. Parking is not generally a problem but if you want a space close to some of the more popular beaches you will need to get there early.

In the Isle of Wight you will need the same documentation in your vehicle as you would on the mainland. Rental companies will provide you with insurance details but make sure you have your UK license with you.

If you do want to see the sights and explore the beaches on the island by car, opting for car hire excess insurance in the Isle of Wight makes sense as island driving styles can cause difficulties. A hefty insurance bill could spoil an excellent holiday or short break making car hire excess insurance in the Isle of Wight worthwhile.