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Cheap car hire insurance Ireland

There is only really one way to get the most of a trip to Ireland and that is to explore the wonderful countryside by car. Major investment in the road network has resulted in excellent intercity links but seeing the best parts will involve taking minor roads to the more remote places. Car hire is readily available throughout the country making this a great choice.

Driving in Ireland is similar to driving in the UK as speed limits are similar and they also drive on the left. It is when you get off the motorways that you will see the biggest changes as the roads can get very narrow as they weave their way through the rural areas. The quality is not so good and a mix of farm machinery and animals could make you thankful that you took out car hire excess insurance in Ireland.

All of the legal requirements for driving in Ireland are also the same as in the UK; no drinking and driving, no talking on your mobile phone and everyone must wear a seat belt. Enforcement cameras are widely used and fines are quite steep. Many rental companies will take an impression of your credit card and reserve the right to charge you for any fines incurred while hiring their vehicles.

A combination of parking meters and displaying of discs are used in most cities. Signs at the side of the road will advise you of what the requirements are. Yellow lines at the side of the road mean no parking and clamping coupled to on the spot fines are commonplace.

In Ireland you can drive on a UK license and you will need your insurance details and information received from the car rental company in case of an incident or accident.

If you plan to see the best parts of the country by car, taking out car hire excess insurance in Ireland is sensible precaution as the challenging conditions and unpredictable drivers in the busy areas can lead to accidents. Many car rental companies offer car hire excess insurance in Ireland which could save you a costly bill for damages.