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Cheap car hire insurance Hong Kong

It is estimated that about 90 per cent of Hong Kong residents make use of public transport but if you are planning to see more than just the city attractions you will need to hire a car. Areas like the Outlying Islands and the New Territories, a mainly rural area, can only effectively be seen by car as public transport is limited.

Driving in Hong Kong is similar to the UK as they drive on the left hand side here. The traffic is probably comparable to London in the city areas where congestion can be a problem. This leads to frequent accidents and many drivers of rental vehicles are glad they chose to take out car hire excess insurance in Hong Kong.

If your car is fitted with seat belts they must be worn if you are a driver or a passenger. Fines for drinking and driving are steep and you can only use a mobile phone while you are driving if it is hands free. If you are involved in an accident you will be required to undergo testing for alcohol whether you are at fault or not.

Outside of the city the roads in Hong Kong are reasonably quiet and making driving around the islands extremely enjoyable. Once out of the congestion many locals and visitors can be tempted to exceed the 110kms per hour speed limit and accidents are not uncommon. The requirement for drivers here to only have third party insurance makes taking out car hire excess insurance in Hong Kong a good idea.

Driving in Hong Kong is fine with a UK license but make sure you carry all of your documentation with you in case you have a problem. Your driving licenses, insurance certificate and photographic identification will all be required.

Although driving in Hong Kong is similar in many ways to driving in the UK getting involved in an accident could end up spoiling your holiday. Taking out car hire excess insurance in Hong Kong could save you a hefty bill and save a lot of hassle.