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Cheap car hire insurance France

For those tourists wanting to see the sights of France, car hire is available is almost every major city and airport. It provides the most convenient and affordable transport option for visitors. Car hire excess insurance in France is advised for those tourists opting to drive around the country.

French roads are similar in conditions to those of the UK. The major difference between driving in the UK and France is the road rules and local drivers. French drivers are notorious in Europe for their aggressiveness and speed. This is one of the reasons why car hire excess insurance in France is strongly recommended.

Although motorists are renowned for speeding in France, police do enforce the law quite strictly throughout the country. On the spot fines are given to violators and licenses can be removed on the spot for offenses exceeding 25kms per hour over the limit. Seat belts on all passengers are mandatory and France has a much stricter blood alcohol limit than the UK.

It is important to note that dipped headlights are encouraged during days of poor visibility. During the winter months, parts of France can become extremely icy and dangerous for drivers, so snow chains and engine warmers are essential features your hired car should have.

UK drivers must carry a UK license with them at all times when exploring France with car rental. If photo ID is not issued on the license, then it is a good idea to carry a passport while driving. Failure to provide a valid license can result in heavy fines.

Car hire excess insurance in France can save drivers up to ₤3,000 as regular insurance offered by rental companies does not fully cover accidents. UK citizens using car hire in France are encouraged to purchase excess insurance in addition to the insurance provided by the company.