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Hiring a car in Europe is an inexpensive and generally convenient means of travel between the differing cultures and countries of the EU. Almost every city, airport and many other places offer car hire for tourists, so locating a company is never an issue. Of primary concern are the varying rules and conditions that motorists experience in different areas of Europe.

Almost all countries in Europe use the right side of the road, which is the opposite of the UK. Roads are in generally good condition in the more developed countries like Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland, but in some countries like Bulgaria and Albania, various areas consist of poor and often dangerous roads. Hence, car hire excess insurance in Europe is advisable for drivers.

Many tourists who experience driving in Europe suggest that European drivers are more aggressive than in the UK. Tailgating, speeding, overtaking dangerously and carelessness to other drivers are common practices throughout Europe. Enforcing road rules is more stringent in some countries than others.

It is important to note that some road rules are universal throughout the EU, but others, like speed limits, mobile phone use, blood alcohol levels and seat belt requirements are not. When travelling through the eastern European region, strict laws are enforced when crossing borders, particularly with car hire.

Almost all countries of the European Union recognise a United Kingdom driver’s license. An international driver’s license can also be used to hire and drive a car in Europe. It is important to always take your passport with you when driving, just to be on the safe side.

Car hire excess insurance in Europe is provided by rental companies, and could save you up to and including ₤3,000 in case of an accident or road incident. For full drivers coverage, UK residents are encouraged to buy car hire excess insurance in Europe.