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Cheap car hire insurance England

Due to England’s rich history, culture and vast array of world famous landmarks, it is always a popular tourist destination. However, due to its relatively moderate size, car hire is a common transportation option for tourists. Car hire excess insurance in England is offered by rental companies.

England’s roads are usually well looked after, from the major metropolises to the quiet country towns. However, caution is advised as some roads in certain areas are extremely narrow, leaving little space as cars pass each other, particularly around corners. Slowing down is the best practice in these situations.

Conditions in England are similar to that of other United Kingdom countries. During the winter months, parts of England can experience chaotic blizzards and snow fall, resulting in dangerous conditions. Also, fog can cause serious road safety issues, so motorist are advised to drive carefully and use hazard lights or car lights when in motion. Car hire excess insurance in England is therefore recommended.

Road rules in England are generally the same throughout the UK. Seat belts are required for all passengers, and speeding, if caught, is usually followed by a hefty penalty. Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is strictly forbidden. Also, police can fine drivers for ‘bad driving’, so try keeping to the highway code is advised.

Visitors to England, particularly from other UK nations, only need to show a valid UK license to gain access to hire car. Insurance is also required by law, however, rental companies provide basic cover in the hiring fees.

Car hire excess insurance in England is readily available, and offers full coverage for tourists, potentially saving you thousands of pounds in the event of an incident. Without it, accidents have been known to cost customers up to ₤3,000, even with basic insurance cover.