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Renowned as the world’s fastest growing city, Dubai is no longer just a stopover between Europe and Asia. Today, Dubai provides a truly memorable holiday destination. Car hire is widely used, but traffic conditions and rules need to be acknowledged before exploring the city by car.

Dubai residents drive on the right-side of the road, which is different to the UK. Also, exceeding the speed limit is a common occurrence even in the city areas, which have resulted in a high fatality-accident rate. Other factors that create problems for foreign motorists include moving sand across the roads and speed bumps.

Dubai has zero tolerance for drink driving, with extremely harsh consequences for violators, including imprisonment. Speed limits are clearly marked along roadsides, and speed cameras are extensively used throughout Dubai and the UAE. Due to the high amount of accidents, visitors should purchase car hire excess insurance in Dubai.

In the event of an accident or roadside problem, motorists can call 999 for emergency services. Similar to other countries, Dubai has pedestrian or ‘zebra’ crossings. It is important to remember that pedestrians have the right of way. Parking in Dubai cannot be made on curbs with black and yellow markings.

An international license in not required to drive in Dubai. For car hire, UK citizens need to show a full United Kingdom drivers license. However, this is only acceptable for tourists, as foreign residents must obtain a UAE registered drivers license to legally drive in Dubai.

As aforementioned, there are several hazards motorists can experience when driving in Dubai. Car hire excess insurance in Dubai is advised for total coverage. Tourists can pay up to ₤3,000 in damages with regular insurance, but with car hire excess insurance in Dubai, motorists can focus on the sights and sounds of this fabulous city.