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Cheap car hire insurance Croatia

Although Croatia has experienced quite a turbulent history, many tourists still flock to the country for its diverse landscape and unique culture. Hiring a car in Croatia is affordable and convenient at times, but car hire excess insurance in Croatia is recommended.

Croatian motorists use the right side of the road, and road safety is of concern in the country. However, this doesn’t stop drivers being overly aggressive when making turns and overtaking others. Weekend and evening congestion usually occurs in the major cities and along the coast, particularly in the summer season.

A number of rules should be followed. Speed limits are enforced along the roads, but caution should still be practiced as some two-way roads with barely any lane dividers have speed restrictions as high as 130kms per hour. Front seat belts are mandatory in Croatia, and back seat belts are required. Children under 12 may not sit in the front seat. Headlights must be used in winter and in unclear conditions.

If travelling through old, war torn areas, it is strongly advised that motorists stay on paved roads to reduce the risk of detonating undetected mines and bombs. During summer periods, radio station 98.5 offers traffic information in English. Rock slides do occur in the coastal and highland areas, so caution is advised. To reduce the risks, car hire excess insurance in Croatia is available for purchase.

UK motorists may use a current UK license to hire a car and drive in Croatia. Usually, tourists can drive for up to three months using their own license, but an extended visa does allow tourists to also extend their driving privileges for up to 12 months. However, drivers must be over 23 years old to hire a car in Croatia.

With the inherent issues relating to driving, UK citizens are encouraged to buy car hire excess insurance in Croatia to reduce the risks. Regular insurance does not fully cover drivers. By purchasing the excess insurance, tourists can potentially save ₤3,000 if an accident does occur.