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Cheap car hire insurance Canada

Canada is one of the world’s most developed nations, which is evident through the excellent roads and infrastructure that extends through the nation. The country has one of the biggest landmasses in the world, so car hire is a popular mode of transport between cities. However, purchasing car hire excess insurance in Canada is advised.

One of the major differences between the UK and Canada is that drivers drive on the right in Canada, even though it is a British Commonwealth country. Also, some areas of Canada, particularly in Quebec, use only French language on their road signs, so a little French knowledge prior to visiting is certainly beneficial.

Some of the most important road laws are centered on speed limits and drink-driving. 50kms per hour in city areas, 60-80kms per hour in rural areas and 80-100kms per hour needs to be adhered to when driving. Driving while under the influence of alcohol is an extremely severe offence in Canada and results in heavy penalties, including exclusion from the country.

There are certain cautions that drivers should be made aware of prior to driving in Canada. Winter conditions can create havoc on roads, with black ice and blizzards being common occurrences. Aggressive lane changing and running red lights is an issue in Canada, so be wary when at intersections, particularly in rural areas. Moose, deer and other large wildlife have been known to cause extensive damage to cars, therefore, car hire excess insurance in Canada is recommended.

An international license is required for citizens of the UK to hire a car and legally drive in Canada. It is also a good idea to bring your British drivers license with you when hiring a car just for extra measure.

Car hire excess insurance in Canada is available from rental companies as an extra option, and due to the amount of accidents that occur daily on Canadian roads, it is strongly recommended. Up front insurance does not entirely cover drivers in the event of an accident, but with car hire excess insurance in Canada, holiday makers can feel secure and safe knowing they will be.