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Cheap car hire insurance Bulgaria

Bulgaria, a moderately sized country in eastern Europe, is renowned for its intriguing history, stunning architecture, spectacular landscape and fascinating culture. Car hire locations are found around the country, in such places as airports, train stations, and in most major cities. This is why many tourists opt for this mode of transport when exploring the many landmarks Bulgaria has to offer.

Bulgarian roads can become quite hazardous during the winter months, on account of its poor quality roads and winter conditions. This is a reason why car hire excess insurance in Bulgaria is regarded as a necessity. Also, road rage and aggressive driving is quite common in Bulgaria, so drivers are recommended to expect this behaviours to occur.

In general, Bulgarian roads are considered to be quite poor, with potholes, very little street illumination, no shoulders, and limited road markings resulting in quite dangerous conditions. Caution is recommended, and driving at night should be avoided altogether.

Speed limits tend to differ according to the area. Within city limits, drivers must adhere to 50kms per hour and 130kms per hour along highways. Children under 12 can only sit in the front using a child-safety seat. Recent regulations in Bulgaria have allowed police officers to collect on-the-spot fines, even from tourists.

An international drivers license is required if visitors to Bulgaria are looking to hire a car. It is a good idea to also bring your license from home to show authorities. Heavy fines can be enforced upon the driver if you are caught without proper documentation on the roads of Bulgaria.

It is strongly recommended that car hire excess insurance in Bulgaria is purchased on top of regular insurance. Accidents are a frequent occurrence no matter how safe drivers try to be. With car hire excess insurance in Bulgaria, tourists can save about ₤3,000 if or when accidents happen.