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Cheap car hire insurance Brazil

Brazil is one of South America’s tourist gems and due to the sheer size of the country, car hire is a more affordable and more popular mode of transport. With car hire excess insurance in Brazil, visitors can keep their mind at ease knowing full coverage is available for purchase.

Unlike the United Kingdom, Brazil’s roads range from well-conditioned to well-worn. Everything from enormous potholes and disappearing lanes, to sign-less streets can create havoc for foreign drivers. There are quite a number of issues which need to be acknowledged before tourists explore this amazing nation by car.

Wearing seat belts in Brazil is required by law, and some states require child seats for children under a specific age, but enforcement is lacking in the country. Speed limits in Brazil are separated according to the area, with most highways limited to 120kms per hour whereas urban areas can go down as low as 40kms per hour. Also, any measure of alcohol in the driver’s system is not permitted.

It is important to remember that many towns and cities of Brazil have placed a large number of speed bumps on the roads to slow down traffic. These are often steep and dangerous for your car and sometimes are hard to detect. In addition, car theft is quite high in Brazil, so many drivers keep their doors locked and windows rolled up to lessen the risk.

Tourists wishing to hire a car in Brazil must have a driving license from their home country, or an international license would suffice. Law enforcement varies from high in some parts of the country to almost non-existent in other areas. Nevertheless, licenses are required for driving in Brazil.

Brazil is an expansive country with many significant hazards; therefore, car hire excess insurance in Brazil is advised. Travellers could pay up to ₤3,000 for repairs if a rental car is damaged. For just a small amount, you can cover yourself with car hire excess insurance in Brazil.