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Cheap car hire insurance Australia

As Australia is such as vast country, many visitors choose to hire a car to enable them to see otherwise hard-to-reach corners of this amazing country. Car hire depots are located conveniently across the country, ensuring you can pick up and drop off vehicles at locations that suit you best.

Driving in Australia is similar to driving in the UK, with Australians driving on the left-hand side. Road rules are generally well observed. Highways are often smaller than UK motorways at just two undivided lanes with a gravel shoulder. Distances between cities, which are measured in kilometres rather than miles, can be great, making carrying emergency fuel with you a must.

The wearing of safety belts is mandatory in Australia. While driving in populated areas poses little threat, driving outside of main towns and cities comes with its own risks. Animals pose as much a threat to drivers as other drivers in Australia, with free-roaming kangaroos frequently jumping into the path of oncoming traffic. For this reason, car hire excess insurance in Australia is recommended.

Four-wheel drive vehicles are the most suitable vehicles for touring the outback. Be well prepared for long journeys as petrol stations can be few and far between and distances can be vast. It is important to check weather conditions as northern parts of the country experience a wet season from November to March. Never leave your vehicle if you run out of fuel in a remote area.

Licenses issued in other countries are often accepted in Australia for an initial period of three months, after which an International Driving Permit or Australian license is necessary.

If you plan to tour the outback, taking out car hire excess insurance in Australia is a good idea as vehicles are easily damaged by animals who wander onto roads unexpectedly. Without car hire excess insurance in Australia you could end up forking out up to ₤3,000 in damages.