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Cheap car hire insurance Antigua

Although Antigua is only a small island state of the Caribbean, car hire is a popular mode of transport for those tourists wanting to experience everything the country has to offer. Car hire excess insurance in Antigua is available, calming the driver’s nerves and allowing a greater enjoyment of the island’s beautiful landscape.

Similar to the United Kingdom, Antigua laws require drivers to drive on the left side of the road. Drivers need to be aware that there is less police enforcement along the roads of Antigua, in comparison to the UK. As a result, several hazards can be experienced.

On the island of Antigua, vehicle inspection requirements are not as strenuous as in other countries, meaning cars and buses on the road may not possess some safety items and signals, such as indicators or brake lights. Stray animals have been known to wander the roads, so caution is recommended when visibility is low. Also, there are an excess of buses and vans throughout Antigua, which can affect traffic flow.

Due to the number of hazards on Antigua’s roads, it is important that drivers use caution when exploring the island. Stick to moderate speeds, always buckle seatbelts, and be aware of the surroundings wherever possible. It is also a good idea to know the location of emergency services, such as hospitals and police stations. Hurricanes also occur every year in the Caribbean region, so limited driving during these heavy storms is recommended.

For visitors to Antigua, temporary licenses can be purchased for a small price. All that is needed is a passport and a copy of the driver’s license from their home nation. Even though this temporary license allows tourists to drive legally, knowing the road rules and area is suggested.

Car hire excess insurance in Antigua is recommended for driving tours of the island. For a small price on top of the rental fees, driver’s can save up to ₤3,000 in the event of an accident. Take the worry out of the ideal holiday with car hire excess insurance in Antigua.