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Located in the picturesque state of Massachusetts, Andover is a beautiful town endowed in history and true American culture. Whatever the season, car hire is available and provides the quickest and most stress-free mode of travel throughout the town and region. Nevertheless, in case of road accidents, car hire excess insurance in Andover is advised.

Along with the rest of the USA, drivers use the right side of the road in Andover. For UK citizens, this can be confusing in the beginning and requires some getting use to. Also, Andover road signs will show distance in miles, not kilometers. One mile is a little over 600 meters or 0.6 kilometers.

Due to Andover being a small township, speed limits are quite low and State Police generally enforce them frequently. Drink driving is a very serious crime in Massachusetts, with severe penalties for violators. Seatbelts are also required by all passengers in the car.

Motorists in Andover should drive cautiously during the winter months, as snowstorms, blizzards and even black ice can cause chaos on the Andover roads. Snow tires should be carried in winter, and if roads become slippery, should be used. Car hire excess insurance in Andover is available from many of the reputable rental companies.

UK tourists can legally hire and drive rental cars in Andover with a full UK driver’s license. Insurance documentation needs to be carried with you, and for extra identification, tourists should always drive with their passport handy just in case they get pulled over.

No matter how good drivers are, accidents are inevitable, particularly during Andover’s icy winters. Car hire excess insurance in Andover is recommended for travellers. Without it, tourists involved in accidents can potentially pay up to ₤3,000 for damages. It is recommended that travellers pay the extra up front fee for full coverage.